MixMart Chew Toy Ball(2.8in) for Dogs Nontoxic Rubber Rotatable Interactive Dog Toy Ball


NATURAL RUBBER COMPOUND: Made from natural eco-friendly rubber material, nontoxic, safe and soft, durable and bite-resistant
IQ TRAINING: Perfect for stuffing with various treats. In summer, this toy (stuffed with treats) can be refrigerated. Dogs can eat while playing
DENTAL TREAT: Teeth-like design best for dogs grinding their teeth, fragrant minty scent helps to freshen breath

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Why do you need MixMart lovely dog¡¯s chew toy ball?
Do you still have trouble in seeking proper pet toys for your cute dogs? Or, do you still worry about your dogs tearing up your shoes and books for loneliness?
Good news for you! MixMart Dog¡¯s Chew Toy Ball can eliminate all your worries and misgivings.

Without any harm for your dogs chewing! MixMart dog¡¯s chew toy ball is made from natural durable rubber material, which is nontoxic, soft, resilient and bite resistant for dogs chewing.

360 degree deep cleaning teeth! With the unique design of grooves, nubs and rotatable setting, it can help your dogs comprehensively clean up teeth including dental tartar and massage gums for their health.

Improving the IQ levels of your dogs! The toy ball is specially designed in molariform-like teeth that allows you to put pet food into the slits between teeth, in which way, the IQ of your dogs can be trained and improved.

A great attraction for your dogs! Thanks to the fragrant minty scent and beautiful color, your dogs will be attracted greatly and reduce the possibility of damaging your socks, shoes, books or furniture.

For a better bond between you and your pets! The loneliness of your dogs can be removed for their mental health and the relationship between you and your pets will be closer with the interesting chew toy.

Best for your lovely dogs! The toy ball is 2.8 inches like a gear ball , ideal for your small and middle-large cute dogs, but too large strong aggressive ones not recommended.



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