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3-IN-1 DOG COMPOSITE LEASH: Connect one, two or three of the detachable small dog leashes to the central leash coupler and take up to three dogs for a walk. This composite multi-dog leash is specially designed to prevent the separate leashes from getting tangled and your dogs from straying too far from each other.
3 ADJUSTABLE LENGTH LEASHES: Each of the three separate leashes is fully adjustable and can extend from 23.2” to 37.2”, depending on your needs. This walk you can walk 1, 2, or even 3 small dogs or cats at once with unexpected ease!
SOFT PADDED HANDLE: To ensure your maximum comfort in your walks, we’ve added a layer of extra soft padding in the inside of the handle. This way you have better and more precise control over your pets, and you can easily pull them back into place if they decide to stray.

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Are You Walking Dogs? Afford Yourself The Right Tools For The Job

Walking dogs can be tough. We know. We’ve got tiny mutts of our own.

Aren’t you sick of having to use multiple leashes that are hard to control and get tangled together every time you want to take your dogs out for a walk?

Would you like to try a smart, affordable solution that will allow you to walk up to three small pets at once?

Well, you’re in luck! Mopaclle may just have the perfect item for you!

Composite 3-Way Dog Leash – Walk Up To Three Small Dogs At Once!

This amazingly designed leash is probably the only way you can walk up to three dogs at once, without them getting all tangled up and making a nightmarish mess.

The 3-way leash consists of a 36 inch long handle, on which you can attach up to three separate adjustable 23.2 – 37.2 inch leashes. This way you can walk up to three small pets with surprising ease.

Designed For Comfort, Function & Durability

Both the leashes and handle are made of 1-inch wide thick braided nylon polyester and held together by durable stainless metal connectors. With a leash this hardy, your dogs have their work cut out for them!

And even if they decide to give you trouble, the handle’s padded lining allows you improved control over your pets and protects your hand at the same time.

Give it a try and see for yourself – our products are protected by 1-year money back guarantee!

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